Saturday, 15 October 2016

Know The Laws Implemented On Killer Drivers

Are you being charged for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, which has led to an accident and has caused some lives to be lost? The first thing you should do is to find and get in touch with a lawyer who works for one of the leading Harrow law firms. Cases of vehicular homicide, especially those that are caused by drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs are taken very seriously by the British courts. In fact, in the UK, vehicular homicide is considered murder, following the regulations of the 1998 Road Traffic Act. Seasoned attorneys from law firms in Harrow should be able to help you understand the scope of the law and the consequences that you may need to face if you are found guilty.

Most Harrow law firms will tell you that the disposal of your case will depend on the RTA 88, especially if your reckless driving resulted in death. Section 1 of the Act describes how the prosecution should prove the death and that it was the driver's fault for driving dangerously. Section 2B RTA 88 pertains to cases with a similar scope to death by dangerous driving, but with considerations to inconsiderate or careless driving. Section 3ZB states that drivers to be licensed and for their cars to be insured, and it deals with causes of death by driving when you are uninsured, disqualified, or unlicensed.

Law firms in Harrow can help you identify and understand your case, especially if you are being prosecuted for accidentally killing someone while driving under the influence. It is important to seek legal counsel especially in these instances when you require the expertise of an attorney who has the necessary experience in dealing with these cases. When choosing lawyers, make sure that they are from one of the respectable law firms in Harrow and that they have a good track record of helping clients with cases similar to yours.

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