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Dad Allowed Contact With His Child With The Help Of The Right Legal Support - Curry Popeck Soicitors

In almost every court case where the court is required to make a decision about a child, it is the welfare of the child that the court must consider as the most important factor in reaching the right decision, state CurryPopeck Solicitors. So, when a court has to decide which parent a child should spend time with (access or contact) or with whom a child should live (custody or residence), the court will make those decisions by considering the welfare of the child.
When parents decide to divorce, it can sometimes be difficult for them to reach an amicable agreement about childcare. It’s an emotionally draining experience that can have a great impact on the immediate and wider family, including grandparents.
As experienced family solicitors, CurryPopeck understand the trauma of being denied child contact, as shown in the following recent case of a father being denied access to his son:
Shortly after the son was born, the parents decided to divorce. Prior to the divorce their relationship was difficult and characterised by addiction. But the birth of the son proved to be a turning point, with both mother and father separately seeking help for their problems and the father successfully quitting heroin addiction.
By the time their child reached the age of two, the father had been totally free from heroin addiction for two years. He sought regular contact with his son, but the mother made it difficult for him and as such, she would only allow contact if she was present and not for more than an hour at a time.
The boy’s mother repeatedly assured the solicitors that she would move forward if the evidence of the father being free from addiction was provided. However, later the negotiations broke down and court proceedings followed.
Over time, it was successfully proved by the solicitors that the father’s family was able to supervise contact, that the father had overcome his heroin addiction and that his life was on the right track.
As a result, the father’s contact with his son moved to a more conventional arrangement that included overnight stays and unsupervised visits, and the mother was given the reassurance she needed that her son was safe.
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